Students' Testimonials

I came to Michal's classes because I had backaches. I have been studying with Michal for a year and soon after I started, the pains I experienced on a daily basis had decreased significantly. In Michal's classes we learned how to be more aware of the body, to listen to it. Not to perform any action if feeling pain or if it is difficult. And it was indeed very difficult for me at first. I also feel that the lessons require flexing of the brain as well, because some of the instructions seem to contradict what I want to do automatically and I had to think about how to perform the action. The classes are a place where you're able to breathe and experience without the pressure of having 'to get it done'. Michal teaches with lots of patience, she provides all the time and space to implement her instructions in your own way.
Ruth Yona
To me, Michal's Organic Movement classes are a meditation for the body through the body. Body meditation means that the classes are an opportunity to be aware of the body, its sensations and its potential in terms of the possibilities of movement inherent in it. Focusing and concentrating on the body during classes constitute a kind of meditative experience. The lessons are not a form of exercise, but rather a meticulous series of gentle movements directed by Michal until reaching the goal of the lesson, a different one each time in terms of the specific action and its specific focus on the body, but the same in terms of objectives: to learn how to increase the range and possibilities of movement, not by exercise, strengthening or toning, and not through manipulation, but by recognizing and re-learning the body's innate abilities, which we've forgotten over the years.
המלצת תלמידים
Noam Passan
My name is Gary Sinof and I am a doctor. As a scientist who deals with patient's ailments, I could always explain the cause of patients' problems on an anatomical, physiological and even mental level. I had many tools for treatment - medications and instruments. With time I realized that medicine does not heal but merely delays or treats symptoms. When it comes to pain, which is the body signaling that something's wrong, I realized that treatment must also be non-medicated with a change in habits. I suffered and still suffering from backaches, which turned out to be herniated discs in my lumbar vertebrae. I always engaged in sports for my own enjoyment and to maintain my health, but this did not relieve my suffering. When I came to Michal Ritter's Organic Movement classes, I began to understand the meaning of caring for my own body without medications and changing my habits. I've been attending Michal's studio for years now for her weekly special classes. Lying on a mattress, on the floor, sitting in a chair or walking… all these led me to understand that I can move my arm using pelvic movement, or move my legs by moving my spine, and all this can lead to pain relief. I learned how to move around without strain on my neck, without a sense of unnecessary muscle strain. I learned that muscles and joints can be used while cycling in ways that allow me to ride easily and with pleasure. These things are not self-evident. We need to learn to make this part of our consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend coming, trying and thinking about the benefits of Michal's Organic Movement, non-drug life-changing therapy.
גרי סינוף חיפה
Dr. Gary Sinof
Physician - Haifa