Developed by Michal Ritter, this course is as unusual as it is practical, with knowledge and teaching methods perfected over many years of research of the brain, body and movement.

In this course you will discover the potential of your body and brain, and learn how to best utilize it. The course is intended for people who are already engaged in movement-related vocations, teachers and therapists, as well as anyone interested in learning this method with no prior experience. The course was developed with you in mind, so that you may enhance your professionalism and creativity, make the most of yourselves and be able to teach it to others.

The course is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in teaching and providing treatment effectively, interestingly and successfully.
  • Anyone looking for an interesting, creative and a profession that is much in demand.
  • Anyone who wishes to get to know thoroughly their body and movement capabilities and wishes to convey this knowledge and experience to others.

Course participants will:

    • Experience the dialogue between body, movement and brain
    • Learn to utilize their own potential
    • Understand and feel for themselves the functional anatomical structure of the human body in an experiential manner
    • Learn how to use the nervous system while utilizing the flexibility of the brain
    • Learn movements that challenge the body and mind
    • Learn to use their hands as a unique tool for teaching and treatment
    • Receive important and unique pedagogical tools that will enable them to teach and provide treatment in any field.

Senior Teachers

Course Manager - Michal Ritter, Ma.Med.Sc

Experienced teacher and a trainer assistant of the Feldenkrais method; developer of the Organic Movement Method following many years of research of the human body and its function, and working with diverse populations. Teaches Organic Movement in groups and private sessions, and provides workshops for dancers, musicians, actors, physiotherapists, Pilates teachers, yoga teachers, doctors, nurses and more. Directs the Organic Movement teacher training courses, which she developed with an emphasis on methodological and practical aspects. Michal supports teachers who completed the course in their work and assists them in developing training programs suitable for their specific vocation. She provides advanced training courses for Feldenkrais instructors and supports them in their work.

Alon Ritter giving a workshop

Alon Ritter, BA. Music Education


Certified Feldenkrais teacher, contact improvisation instructor and tango teacher. Leads workshops in Israel and Europe and specializes in teaching Organic Movement for dancers, actors and musicians.


My name is Dana Yakar, I am a dancer and a dance teacher, and doula for pregnant women and women in labor. I completed my studies in the teachers' training course at the Academy of Organic Movement under the leadership of Michal Ritter. Being a dance teacher and a dancer in particular, made me want to understand my movement, where does it comes from, how do I organize my body effectively to prevent pains in my body, especially in parts that carry the most load due to my vocation. The Organic Movement course provides you with situations and conditions in which you may learn for yourself through your movements. This investigation improved my physical awareness and my perception of my mobility. The sequence of body movements are an expression of mental habits. The lessons in this method allow for changes and contribute to creating a healthy communication channel with the body and the mind. I integrate this amazing method, the Organic Movement Method, into the classes I teach and my work as doula with pregnant women. I highly recommend Michal's course to anyone who has interest in his own movement, and in improving his mobility and physical ability, to dancers, musicians and people engaged in physical work in particular. As a dance teacher I warmly recommend to anyone who teaches or engages in therapy, to take the Organic Movement teachers' course.
דנה יקר רקדנית ומורה לריקוד ממליצה
Dana Yakar
Dancer and dance teacher - Haifa
My name is Daphna I am an integrative therapist using movement and contact (Cranial Osteopathy and Paula Method instructor), I facilitate women's groups, work in an integrative team in oncology services at the Lin Medical Center in Haifa and operate a private clinic. Michal's course was a significant leap forward in my understanding of the body's movement. Michal teaches in an experiential and interesting way. I have never experienced anatomy in such a clear and applied manner. Classes in Germany (where I studied in the early 1990s) were taught in an old-fashioned way, memorizing names: muscles, tendons, and so on. An anatomical understanding of movement out of a hands-on experience deepened my ability to observe and expanded my ability to teach and provide therapy. Dear Michal, thank you! Your course was fascinating. I also loved Alon's special attitude. Thank you both for your endless dedications, your professionalism and the wonderful atmosphere you created.
דפנה וולף ממליצה
Daphna Wolf
Paula Method Instructor, Cranial Osteopathic – Haifa