The Organic Movement Method

The Organic Movement Method was developed by Michal Ritter, following several decades of research on the body movement and the brain.

The method and teachings of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais constituted a significant basis for the development of the Organic Movement Method.

During her years as a Feldenkrais teacher and lecturer in applied anatomy, Michal discovered how elaborate is the human body and how flexible and changeable the human brain, persuading her that anyone can learn to use their body organically and improve their capabilities.

Organic movement is a primary movement; free from hindrance, it is flowing, esthetic and comfortable. Anyone can learn to find their organic movement: a simple, natural movement, free from limitations and inhibitions.

In organic movement classes, students learn to know and feel every part of ​​their body; in different postures and with changing and challenging movement. Raising their awareness of the quality of movement, students look for a way to perform it harmoniously and without hindrance organically.

This creates a conversation between the body, movement and brain that improves and perfects their capability.

Each lesson is different from the previous one, in order to experience different (and sometimes difficult) movement variations that inspire students to look for ways to use different parts of their body; parts they were not aware of and maybe even didn’t know how to use.

Students learn not to be alarmed or frustrated by difficulties, for there is always a way to perform the challenging movement. One simply needs to concentrate, challenge one's brain and look for possibilities that are inherent in every one of us.

In group lessons - regardless of gender, age and ability, the body, movement and space constitute an investigative laboratory in which students explore and try different ways to solve the teacher's challenging movement puzzle. The research and investigation are carried out by trial and error. Every student discovers something new about themselves, something they haven’t experienced before.

In personal lessons - students come with a request or a problem related to their body's movement, and the teacher with her hands gently moves the student, enabling their to realize the potential inherent in their body. The nervous system then receives messages of harmony between the various parts of the body, without restrictions, while the body moves with no obstructions or resistance. Students experience their own Organic Movement, ending the session in a neutral state, a state from which they may easily obtain what they came for.

Michal and the academy staff invite you to come and enjoy the experience and understanding of your body’s and mind's inherent abilities.

Organic Movement lessons will help you "make the impossible possible, the hard easy, and the easy elegant!" (Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais)