Michal Ritter, Ma.Med.SC., director of the Academy for Organic Movement in Haifa.

Researching the human body and its movement and motion for over thirty years.

Founder and developer of the Organic Movement Method which relies on the premise that any person can learn to utilize his or her full physical abilities by getting to know their own body, its structure and its inherent mobility.

Experienced teacher of the Feldenkrais Method; serves as senior instructor and mentor in advanced training courses for Feldenkrais teachers in Israel and around the world.

Lecturer of Applied Anatomy and developer of an organic learning method for understanding the structure of the human body, its movement and the function of the human brain.

Developer of the Organic Movement Teacher Training Course ; supporting graduates in their professional path and assisting them in developing practical projects for the implementation and teaching of the method in their field of interest.

In her Academy of Organic Movement, Michal teaches both group and one-on-one classes, holds in-depth Organic Movement workshops, gives lectures and provides Organic Movement workshops to various audiences in Israel and around the world (dance, Pilates, yoga, martial arts and capoeira teachers, nurses, school and instractors, etc.)

Michal believes that anyone can learn to understand their body, care for it and make its movement better and more fluent.

Michal Ritter
Michal Ritter