Michal Ritter - The Academy of Organic Movement

The Academy of Organic Movement provides you with the opportunity to learn to move freely, to get to know your body and to find ways to utilize the many possibilities that the body and brain offer us.

Michal Ritter developed the Organic Movement method following thirty years of research of the human body and its movement.

Michal gained extensive experience working with people with diverse needs, with the understanding and belief that anyone can learn to better understand their body, care for it and make its movement better and more fluent.

The Academy offers a variety of activities – choose the one that best suits your expectations and needs.

Organic Movement Training
To become an Organic Movement Teacher

Developed by Michal Ritter, this course is as unique as it is practical, with knowledge and teaching methods perfected over many years.

The course is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in teaching and treating effectively, interestingly and successfully.
  • Anyone looking for an interesting, creative and highly needed profession.
  • Anyone who wishes to get to thoroughly know her/his body and movement capabilities and wishes to convey this knowledge and experience to others.

Michal Ritter, Ma.Med.SC.

Director of the Academy for Organic Movement in Haifa.

Researching the human body and its movement and motion for over thirty years.

Videos of short lessons and photos from the activities at the academy